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For More Pianos, Last Note Is Thud in the Dump.

The average life span rarely exceeds 80 years, piano technicians say. That’s a lot of pianos now reaching the end of the line.

I didn’t know this; I thought pianos–good pianos–lasted longer than that. I’d like to have a piano in our house for Finn and I to learn how to play; maybe now is the time.

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West Lexington and Park Ave, Baltimore

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File this under Handy For Future Use: How to make a bootable Mountain Lion install drive.

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Mom and Renie packed us up for the trip home with two boxes of books from the family archives. Richard Scarry is heavily represented, as is Dr. Seuss and much of the pre 1970 Little Golden Book catalogue. We have some of the Seuss and Scarry already, but it was great to read some old favorites to Finn- If I Had A Circus was a big hit the other night.

* * *

Taking advantage of the singular day of 80° weather, we walked her down to the ice cream store last night and indulged in some cool refreshment. I think Jen and I had the same feeling at about the same time—the weather was perfect, the ice cream was delicious, the smell of Old Bay and fresh cut grass wafted over us, and Finn happily spooned her italian ice in between us; life was good.

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Finished and wired

I got some good work done on the Scout this weekend–the license plate bracket is mounted and ready. Seatbelts should be in this week, and all I need is a pair of fine-thread 1/2 grade 8 bolts.

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Jason Alexander, on the Aurora Shooting. Fantastic response.

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Dear Marissa Mayer: Right the fuck on. I like Flickr’s response, too.

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It’s becoming clear to me now that I can’t drink coffee after, say, noon anymore. Yesterday I ate a sandwich accompanied by some healthy carrots and hummus for lunch, and immediately fell into a three-hour carb coma. Afraid of passing out, I bought an overpriced cup of coffee and sipped on it until 4:30; this had me staring at the ceiling until 2AM this morning. This makes the 22-year-old in me sad.

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Deconstructing ‘Sympathy for the Devil’: Hear The Rolling Stones in the studio, 1968.

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