I’m noticing a trend on The Facebook these days: the people who used to be the biggest trustafarian hippy wanna-be hardcore druggies at my college are now the ones spamming my news feed with right-wing links from FOX news, Glen Beck, and every Tea Party nutbag out there. Seriously, guys?

I’m slowly continuing to add content from the static archives into WordPress. I’m noticing that I used to write more back in the day.

I picked up a set of TORX bits in preparation to remove the sunroof from the Slattern sometime this week(end). Hopefully I can get it back down and into place without having to dismantle half the interior of the car. Hopefully. I also picked up a bag of locknuts for the Tuffy console in the Scout; it’ll take 5 minutes to get that bolted in permanently.

I stumbled upon this last week and found it too good not to share:

This is part one of six. Shane McGowan looks like an absolute mess (and this was filmed five years ago).

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts.

  1. Chris says:

    That’s really cool. He’s looks like a death, swollen. I watched part one, after a 17 hour day. Going to curl up in bed and watch part two. Good timing.

  2. Chris says:

    Have you seen the documentary about Joe Strummer? I think its called, The Future is Unwritten. Really cool.