This morning I made myself late to work. I threw my stuff in the Jeep, kissed my wife goodbye, and walked around the back of the house to water our fledgling vegetable garden. Along the way, I had to replant several gladiola bulbs in their pots, due to our local squirrels digging for treasure, and carry the pots into the greenhouse for safekeeping. The vegetables all look healthy and good so far. Two eggplants have recovered from their move—I thought I was going to lose one for a day or so, but it perked right back up yesterday. The tomatoes all look healthy and happy. (Strangely, one variety recommends “damp soil” and the other asks for “daily watering”.) The red and green peppers are both looking strong.

Oddly enough, though, the thing that makes me happiest is that the cucumbers, which I planted from seed, are germinating well. I use a watering can to reach the back of the greenhouse, and the first slug of water washed the soil off the top of one of the hills I made. Tucked in together were five or six seeds, all sprouting sucessfully. I covered them back up and watered the rest of the plot, thinking about home-grown tomato and cucumber salad for dinner in August.

Next up is to get another plastic tub like the one I have (I’m using one of those under-the-bed storage containers drilled with drainage holes) and plant my pole beans.

* * *

In other geek news, I converted one of the interior pages on my main site to a mixture of about 75% CSS and 25% old-skool table-based layout. This has been something that’s brewing for a long time, and I’m pretty happy with the results. When all is said and done, the page size will have decreased by about half, the style sheets will be consolidated, and the information will be updated (I only go up to 2003 on the design page—har har) Unfortunately it blows up in IE6. There’s also an issue with Mozilla and my popup script that I haven’t deciphered yet, and some other niggling issues to be addressed. But the heavy lifting has been done, thank God.

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  1. Linda says:

    Deer came through and ravaged most of my plants the other night. Between them and the racoons raising hell in my attic, I am SO over wildlife.