I just lost my entire logfile for January. Thank you, Homesite, for barfing it on the last day of the month. it’s gone.

Here’s a text dump from the 30th.

This morning at 7AM a guy with a handheld masonry saw started cutting the wall in my backyard; by 7:30 a backhoe had pulled the ‘T’ section off and laid it flat in the alley. Sigh. Apparently the people doing the original ‘repair’ on the sewer line fucked it up, so the city is going to bring in the bulkheads, rip up the dirt, and replace the whole sewer line. It’s all fine and good, though, because since they replaced the wall and dug up the concrete in the alley (two months ago), the alley portion of the ‘T’ section was separating from the divider wall.

The developers working on the old Superfresh have started breaking up the concrete in the parking lot too. Hopefully when they put the new condos in, the parking won’t get absolutely insane around my neighborhood.

Mike Tyson has been denied his application for a license to box in Nevada. Will wonders never cease. I figured the upstanding officials in that state were going to roll right over and take it for a cut of the Showtime rights. And the dumb-shit wife of Ken Lay got on the Today show and wept that her family was financially ruined as a result of the Enron disaster. How transparent can you possibly be? She is an idiot and Ken Lay should be stoned in public for being so slimy.

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