I found a great repository of mugshots here at attrition.org.

This weekend, I want to get the basement sanding finished and prepped for painting. The back floor is almost finished painting; after that’s done, here’s the list for the work:

  1. Finish painting floor (tonight)
  2. Mud & sand the shit out of the rest of the joints in front and back.
  3. Vacuum & Clean.
  4. Move all gear from up front to the back center and cover with tarps.
  5. Tape off all ductwork, piping and machinery; windows and openings
  6. Run to Sears and buy a Wagner PowerPainter
  7. Pick up:
    • More tarps, tape
    • 5 gallons of primer, rollers
    • White latex caulk
    • Whisky barrels
    • Phone line
    • 1 more gallon of floor paint

Meanwhile, I have to wipe Jen’s laptop and reinstall OS 9 over the empty drive. Shouldn’t take too long after we get her files transferred over to the 8100. It will be sad to see our old friend sail off into the sunset. Perhaps, though, I’ll be able to afford an older G3/333 machine.

E-Bay has a Gateway SOLO 9100 with PII-333MHz Processor, 128MB RAM, 5.1G HDD, DVD/LS120, 56K Modem for $600, currently; a 266 Mhz is $299. I think that’s the speed of the machines we were using at Cidera. If I could finagle one of those bricks for about $4-500, I’d probably do it. But more pressing, now that I have the NT machine up and running, is to get a decent running Mac workstation. Working on Jen’s 8100 though, has me thinking that what my 8500 really needs is a faster hard drive.

I found some interesting sites on Networking NT; Microsoft’s site is crap, so you have to rely on the kindness of strangers. See picture of the guy above. Imagine how different the world  would be if they got him with a baggie of good Hawaiian Red under the seat? Anyway, I ‘installed’ a printer on the NT box Wednesday night and hoped it would show up- it didn’t. I have no idea if it needs to be the lpt1 port or the com1 port- it’s all confusing to me. I’d love to set it up as a print server to all the machines out there on the network, but haven’t been able to get it to work yet.

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OK, I shouldn’t have said ANYTHING. They want their loaner laptop back. I knew it wasn’t good to gloat, but Jen and I got some really good use out of that machine, and it came at exactly the right time. Now Jen has a new machine, which I’ll be hooking up this weekend, and she’s not dependent on that laptop. It will be sad to see it go, though. Supa hardcore gangsta props to Andy, for being so damn cool to trust me with a $3,000 laptop for 6 months after I left the company.

They’re selling off a bunch of old machines. They’re getting rid of original generation iBooks, which I wouldn’t touch (or be caught dead with) with a wet salami; gateway Solo laptops, which were bricks when I used them, and Toshiba laptops, which were a measure or two cooler.

Depending how much they want for some of the PC hardware, I might go after a cheapo laptop and set it up at work to check pages and run HomeSite. I asked about old workstations and other Mac hardware- we’ll see how much they want for some of that stuff. By my calculations, 200 employees X 1 year = about 150 laptops; it’s all at least a year old now, and been sitting for 6 months.

At first I was really captivated by the blog crowd, and their obsessive writing and detailing of information on their sites. Now I’m looking at a lot of different sites and seeing just how navel-gazing some of them are. Some are designed very well, some are funny, and some are truly inspiring, from the content to the material reviewed, to the ideas behind the design. I wonder how different my stuff is; it’s very self-serving; it’s interesting to nobody, really; the stuff I write about is basically just a brain dump of what I’m thinking about that day, and contains no profound message, grand conclusion, or sweeping thesis. Maybe I should do like they do in corporations and have a big important ‘Mission Statement’ that outlines some grand design for the future.

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Well, the spring air and pollen have conspired to give me one walloping headache. I took two Advil and it’s dulled back the pain, but it still feels like Hulk is running around inside busting up the joint.

A few things: They convicted that Blanton guy in Alabama for killing the four girls in 1963 church bombing. I have to say it’s heartening to see that civil rights are still being pursued and justice is still being meted out, albeit 40 years too late. It’s hard to look at the pictures of the little girls and think that it took that long to convict somebody-the whole case was a stain on the American legal system.

Last night, I got Jen’s 8100 loaded and running system 8.1; she has Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, and a suite of utilities to take care of the machine. I was also able to load Vistascan and hook up the scanner; apparently Vistascan doesn’t like OS 9, so I stayed up too late loading OS 8.1 on the 8500. One drawback: I have to reformat the internal drive as an HFS volume instead of HFS+; so I’ll be starting from scratch on that one again. I’m almost thinking it would be better to find a faster, larger drive for it- the OEM 2 gig Quantum it shipped with is a pig.

Got a look at the new iBook from Apple. I’d buy that thing with the CD/RW drive- it’s the perfect price point, size, shape, and suite of features. $1599. Sweet. If I didn’t already have an ahem loan on a Powerbook, I’d fork over some dough now. But it’s May, and they still haven’t called. Shhhh!

OK. Bob Kerrey, as a Navy SEAL in 1968, killed a bunch of people. Doing what he was trained to do: Kill people. Maybe they were killed wrongly, but I suspect they got shot doing what most casualties of war are usually doing: existing in a free-fire zone. Now some guy, most probably with an axe to grind, is claiming Kerrey killed them purposely. And we Americans have the freakin’ nerve to be outraged? This happened 30 years ago, in a war that’s been over for 25. Hundreds of other civilians died every day from US-ordered carpet-bomb strikes, napalm attacks, landmines, and random artillery barrages. Because he returned fire into a village which brought his men under fire, and hit these people, the entire US is currently in the middle of an epileptic seizure. he received a medal for later action, lost part of a leg, and served the country for 20 years. Let the guy alone, for Christ’s sake.

I’d love for Bob Kerrey to say what’s been on my mind ever since I heard about this story: Get over it. War sucks. Killing sucks. But we were there, we did it, and everybody who was involved came away with blood on their hands. And everybody who sits in judgement over Bob Kerrey should be forced to carry an M-16 into someplace like Rwanda or Somalia or Serbia and try to make some sense out of war while they try to stay alive.

Here’s some interesting blather from C|Net about the market I just got out of….

Macs in the cellar:
Mac IIcx | Norman
PowerBook 100 | Junior
PowerBook 520c | Max
Quadra 800
PowerMac 7100/80 | G-Force (MKLinux)
PowerMac 8500/180 | Alpha (now Speedy)
PowerBook G3/500 | Massachussetts (Wk)

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Here we are in May already, and I don’t have one single site to put up as something I did at Supon. I’m a little annoyed at that; the exhausted feeling I have these days is not made better by the thought that my portfolio is just getting older. Mackenzie Real Estate, a site I did about 3 years ago, has been redesigned. Granted, it wasn’t a gorgeous site, but it was mine. I’m realizing that I’m paddling furiously to get some good design work under my belt, and this economic mess we’re all caught in has put most projects on hold.

I think what it is for me is a need to get something accomplished. I’d like to be able to point to something right now and say, “this is what I’ve been killing myself for.” I was hoping the basement would be that thing, but it keeps dragging along slowly. I can’t get any extended progress made, and now it’s already May. I was hoping to have the major dusty work done by now.

Having been a goals-oriented person for most of my adult life, I’m currently finding it hard to sit back and enjoy what I have: a fantastic girlfriend, a house, healthy, happy family, and a great career with a solid design firm. I know I have a great life, and I’m not forgetting that fact. What I need is to feel good about my own ability to create and solve problems.

I guess what I’m trying to do is find something to be proud of in myself. I don’t want to buy anything to make that happiness- that is fleeting and eventually depressing. I’d like to be able to walk into the basement, or call up a webpage built on the fly with a script, or add a new site to my portfolio and feel good about what I’m doing right now, how hard I’m working, and how much I’m sacrificing to do it.

I found out a few weeks ago that I made it on to Shepard Fairey’s Giant pages; Not directly, but indirectly, when he blew through here a few years ago with Logan, they hit the city with some Giant paraphernalia. Pictures were taken, and the gear I did for Logan is seen alongside Andre. Yep; there’s my 15 minutes of fame.

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